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Sampling the Spherical Model 2018

For the last post of the year, I thought maybe I ought to do another “best of” collection. When I checked, it looks like I haven’t done one since 2015. I’ve done the occasional “what is the Spherical Model?” type of post—which I’ll probably do for the first post of 2019, if you’re wondering. Anyway, I don’t think I want to go back further than just 2018 for this “best of” post.

Jordan Peterson
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It was January 2018 when I learned who Jordan Peterson was. My studying his speeches and book started with the interview he did with Cathy Newman, which got so much media attention, because she seemed so incapable of understanding what he was saying:

“So, what you’re saying is…”
“No, I didn’t say that at all.”
Several dozen times. Anyway, that got my attention, and I started listening to his talks on YouTube. Eventually I bought and read his recent book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, which I think ranks as my favorite read of the year.

A quick search shows I mentioned him in 19 posts, or about 20%. That’s a lot of influence on my thinking. Thomas Sowell gets more mentions on this blog, but I started referring to him from the beginning. This year I only found seven Thomas Sowell mentions.

There were some themes—ideas that came up multiple times, sometimes with some crossover:

·         Truth, Reality, and Civilization
·         Feminism
·         LGBT Issues
Thomas Sowell
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Other issues pop up as well. So, what I’ll do is list the most-read pieces of the year—plus maybe a couple I thought should be. I’ll organize loosely by subject, and I’ll highlight some of the Jordan Peterson or Thomas Sowell influenced posts, and other bits of information about some of the pieces. There’s more here than you’re like to wade through. But I hope you’ll enjoy sampling some of what was going on in 2018 at the tiny think tank that is the Spherical Model.

Truth, Reality, and Civilization

Telling the Truth   May 24, 2018  (Jordan Peterson; this is also on LGBT issues) 
Who Is Telling the Truth?   September 27, 2018  (on Kavanaugh hearings/Ford accusations) 
Truth before It’s Too Late  October 4, 2018  (Jordan Peterson) 
Speak the Truth and Play Fair  February 12, 2018   (Jordan Peterson) 
Pareto Distribution  January 29, 2018  (Jordan Peterson; most read piece this year) 
Diversity Where It Matters  February 5, 2018  (Thomas Sowell) 
Malevolence   February 15, 2018  (Jordan Peterson is briefly mentioned; Florida shooting) 
Basic Building Material for Civilization   April 16, 2018  (some Spherical Model basics) 
Class, Culture, and Moving Upward   May 3, 2018   (on JD Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy) 
Population, Urban Thinking, and the Vote    May 14, 2018   (on the Electoral College) 


Feminism Does Women Wrong  January 18, 2018  (Jordan Peterson) 
Long Bending Arc   January 22, 2018   (abortion) 
Feminism Turns Women into Bad Men   January 25, 2018   (Jordan Peterson)  
Mature Conversation    April 5, 2018    (Jordan Peterson) 

LGBT Issues

Reality Is Kinder    March 15, 2018    (Ryan T. Anderson’s When Harry Became Sally
The Virtue Signaling Religion    March 19, 2018    (Gordon B. Hinckley’s Standing for Something
Normalizing Has Already Crossed a Line  July 30, 2018   (normalization of sexual perversion)        
Normalizing Has Already Crossed a Line, Part II: Heteromorphism   August 2, 2018 
Normalizing Has Already Crossesd a Line, Part III: Change Is Possible   August 6, 2018 
Change Is Possible   September 24, 2018   (Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr. on reintegrative therapy) 
Which Is It?    November 29, 2018   (Jordan Peterson; gender pronouns) 

Other Subjects
Linda Nuttall
Spherical Model writer

Scary Guns   February 19, 2018            
Where They’re Planted     February 1, 2018   (immigration) 
About Me     April 2, 2018    
Scouts and Honor    May 10, 2018   (Girls in Boy Scouts)
Self-Hatred Isn’t Virtuous     August 16, 2018   (love of country) 
Disparate Impacts     May 7, 2018    (Thomas Sowell’s book Discrimination and Disparities
Economic Schools    November 26, 2018 (Thomas Sowell is mentioned, among other economists) 
Sowell Food for Thought    December 6, 2018 (updated version of Discrimination and Disparities

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