Thursday, March 5, 2015

More of the Best, Part IV

Social Sphere
Our week of celebratory posts is coming to an end. This is the fourth day of celebrating the 4th anniversary and 600th post of this blog. Part I covered the interrelationship of the Political, Economic, and Social Spheres. Part II covered the Political Sphere, relating to freedom vs. tyranny. Part III covered the Economic Sphere, contrasting prosperity from free enterprise vs. poverty from controlled economy.

For Civilization, the upper hemisphere north on the Social Sphere, a good starting place is the Spherical Model website, with two main articles: “Civilized vs. Savage” and “Family Is the Basic Unit of Civilization.” Next you might want to check out the Civilization section of the first “Best Of” collection.
I write more Civilization posts than either Political of Economic pieces. The three are interrelated, but following the principles of civilization leads to greater freedom and prosperity. In a chicken/egg-type question, it might be that Civilization is the starting point. Aim to follow the principles of civilization, and it’s likely the principles of freedom and prosperity will follow. But start with political and economic freedom in the absence of civilization principles, and you soon lose freedom and prosperity.
So, because I write more of these pieces, the list is long. There are sub-categories I have left off this list: Defense of Marriage—including, these days, Religious Freedom and Following the Courts; and Education and possibly Voter Integrity collections. I plan to update those collections sometime in the near future, but not as part of this celebration week. Anyway, the list below are among both my favorites and reader favorites on the principles that lead to civilization.
·         Motherless Princesses:  June 17, 2013
·         Angels of Death:  November 4, 2013 
·         Cultural Death Wish: November 8, 2013 
·         Civilization Requires Religion:  March 27, 2014 
·         So It Has Come to This:  April 24, 2014 
·         To Secure These Rights:  April 28, 2014 
·         Mother Joy:  May 8, 2014 
·         Examples of the Believers:  May 29, 2014
·         Civilization vs. Savagery in Israel: July 24,2014 
·         Agency:  September 8, 2014 
·         That Decision Mothers Make:  November 2, 2014 
·         On Humanum Summit:  November 20, 2014
·         Contrasting Citizenship and Savagery in Ferguson:  December 1, 2014 
·         Civilization in the Home:  December 15, 2014 
·         Spreading Civilization:  January 15, 2015 

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