Monday, July 1, 2013

Defense of Marriage Collection

A couple of weeks ago, when the Spherical Model blog reached the 400th post, I posted a “best of” list for three days, relating to the three spheres: Political, Economic, and Social/Civilization. However, there are some topics that I cover fairly frequently, and over time I intend to offer links to those collections. One of those is the collection of pieces I’ve written about defending marriage.
After last week’s Supreme Court ruling declaring a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional—the part that allows the federal government to define the term—the majority took the opportunity to defame the majority of humankind as “enemies of the human race.” They include me in that definition.
Personally, I believe anything that sets out to undermine the basic unit of society is an enemy of the human race. But, while I think their ideas have that savagery-inducing effect, the people themselves are not de facto subhuman—just wrong. They’re deceived in the way the Old Testament prophet Isaiah predicted:
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!—Isaiah 5:20
While I still have the freedom of speech to express these ideas (a freedom which tends to become illegal wherever same-sex “marriage” becomes the law), I offer examples of what I believe is both a logical and humanity-loving point of view. These examples are more or less limited to the definition of marriage, so there’s a lot about motherhood, fatherhood, population decline, and family that I’m not including in this list. (In other words, as long as this list is, it could be longer.) I did include two on the Boy Scouts, related to the homosexual agenda but not specifically to same-sex “marriage.”
·         My Rational Belief in Traditional Marriage, June 24, 2011
·         New York—If Only You’d Asked, We Have Answers, June 27, 2011
·         Devaluing Marriage and Family = Decay of Civilization: Part I—Vico and Unwin, June30, 2011
·         Devaluing Marriage: Part II—Death of Marriage in Scandinavia, July 1, 2011
·         Devaluing Marriage: Part III—Decay of Civilization, July 7, 2011
·         Speaking Up, August 31, 2011
·         One Small Victory, November 18, 2011
·         War against Women and Children, March 19, 2012
·         In Defense of Marriage, reprint, April 25, 2012
·         Defining Marriage and Making Cream Sauce, reprint, April 30, 2012
·         Controversy Still (The Gay Marriage Fantasy, reprint), May 4, 2012
·         Why Protect Marriage (Why Texans Will Vote Yes to Protect Marriage, reprint), May 8, 2012 
·         Loving and Logical, May 14, 2012
·         Tolerance—You Keep Using That Word, May 16, 2012
·         Remembering Richard Wilkins, November 30, 2012
·         Each Life That Touches Ours for Good (Remembering Richard Wilkins, Part II), December3, 2012
·         Defending the Boy Scouts, Part I, February 11, 2013
·         Defending the Boy Scouts, Part II, February 14, 2013
·         Supreme Court and the Definition of Marriage, March 27, 2013 
·         SCOTUS on Marriage, Part II: The Gotcha Question, March 29, 2013
·         SCOTUS on Marriage, Part III: Outcomes of the Cases, April 1, 2013
·         Marriage Rulings, June 28, 2013

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