Wednesday, March 4, 2015

More of the Best, Part III

Economic Sphere
Today is the actual anniversary of the first Spherical Model blog post. Hurray! And this is the third day in our 4th anniversary and 600th post celebration. The first time I did a “best of” collection, it was at 400 posts. So this new list adds to that list from the past couple hundred posts. The celebration started with the Spherical Model concept, and part II was on the Political Sphere. Come back tomorrow when we look at Civilization.

Today’s list is the Economic Sphere. To start your studies, you might want to read the Economic section of the Spherical Model website. And also take a look at the original “best of” list of Economic Sphere posts. The posts below are more recent. I see the list is long. That’s the problem with being my own editor. I wrote them with the hope they would be of value to readers. They still seem that way to me. So while this isn’t every economic post, it’s more than a top 10. You’re not required to read every post, but I think they could all be useful.
The Spherical Model—Best of: Volume II, Economic Sphere
·         Doing Business:  August 23, 2013 
·         Poverty of Nations Review:
o   Labor:  September2, 2013 
o   Prices:  September 4, 2013 
o   Greed vs. Self-Interest:  September 9, 2013 
·         Beanie Baby Economics:  October 28, 2013 
·         Redistribution:  October 30, 2013
·         Interference and Consequences: November 6, 2013 
·         The Rhetorical Question:  November 22, 2013
·         Economic Schools of Thought:  November 25, 2013 
·         The Fifty-Year War, Part I and Part II: January 13 and 16, 2014 
·         Flat Lining:  May 5, 2014 
·         Prosperity vs. Poverty:  July 21, 2014 
·         Giving until It Hurts:  November 6, 2014 
·         How Much Is 18 Trillion?:  December 9, 2014 
·         Laffer Curve Turns 40:  January 12, 2015 

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