Thursday, December 31, 2015

Spherical Model Review

As the final post of the year, I thought I’d review what in the world is The Spherical Model. Plus a few of this year’s posts that give a good sample of the model.
The Political Sphere
of The Spherical Model

The website,, is always a good place to learn what the Spherical Model is. It’s about 50 pages worth of reading—a short book. There’s an into page, and then a section for each of the three spheres: Political, Economic, and Social. The social sphere is divided into two, because strong families are such a necessity for civilization that it required a full article of its own.
If you want a shorter introduction, there are a couple of posts to start with.

·         The Political Sphere Is Round: December 29, 2014—if you want the basic explanation in just a few pages, with diagrams.
·         Spherical Model Video: August 17, 2015—if you want it explained visually in under ten minutes.

I try to make every post pertinent and helpful in understanding the interrelationships of the political, economic, and social spheres, and how to get to consistent freedom, prosperity, and civilization.  But there are upwards of 650 posts. And sometimes they are responses to specific news of the day. So if you want just an understanding of the Spherical Model and how to apply it, there were several this year you could sample:

·         Economic Glossary: April 13, 2015
·         Enlightenment: June 16, 2015
·         Ultimate vs. Relative Good: July 2, 2015
·         What We Conserve: October 1, 2015
·         Source of Morality: October 19, 2015
·         Wealth, Poverty and Politics: December 10, 2015—a reference to Thomas Sowell’s book by that name

And if you’re interested in the blog, but find it daunting to start in March 2011 and read them all, you might try the Best Of collections. 

In celebration of the fourth anniversary of the start of the Spherical Model blog, I did a new Best Of collection, in four parts. The original Best Of collection is linked in Part I (and is also linked in The Political Sphere Is Round, above.)

·         More of the Best, Part I: March 2, 2015
·         More of the Best, Part II: March 3, 2015
·         More of the Best, Part III: March 4, 2015
·         More of the Best, Part IV: March 5, 2015

Our freedom, prosperity, and civilization took some hits this year, 2015. But 2016 could be a year of change—let’s hope it’s for the better. In Spherical Model terms, let’s follow the principles that lead northward.

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