Monday, May 26, 2014

Always Remember

This is possibly the only Memorial Day we will have our soldier, son Economic Sphere, deployed in a semi-dangerous part of the world, 15 time zones away. So I’m thinking of this one particular live soldier, especially, while we honor the many heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country and the civilization we love.
There may be other years where he is still far from home. But, God willing, those places will be more like Hawaii—a destination spot, where we’d love to drop in for a visit. And while he is gone, we can video chat, which is something way beyond what soldiers and their families enjoyed even a decade ago. Trying not to complain.
In the meantime, we are having a cookout, despite rain, with relatives. We’re doing what many people do with this holiday—marking the beginning of summer. But the reason we can celebrate in peace, with family, with plenty of food and relaxing good times—is because of the sacrifice of so many. We thank them.
I’ve collected a few images for Memorial Day. This first one I found a year ago, although it's from 2012.
Dave Granlund, Memorial Day 2012
Marcus Luttrell, Navy Seal
author of Lone Survivor
at WWII Memorial
photo found on Facebook, source uncertain, original here

Marine Corps War Memorial
Photo from Shawn Rogers Facebook page
original here

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