Monday, April 10, 2017

The Prince of Peace

My life is religious every day. I’m not particularly unusual for an observant Mormon. But usually on this blog I try to translate into the principles that are accessible to every flavor of civilized person. However, this is the week of Easter, so today I’m sharing some Christian themes.

This first video is from my Church, for this year’s Easter celebration, with the theme “Prince of Peace.”

That main piece is followed up by several brief videos of people who apply in their everyday lives the concepts we learn from Christ. If you're celebrating along with me, click on each one.

·         Faith 
·         God’s Word 
·         Compassion 
·         Gratitude 
·         Prayer 
·         Forgiveness 
·         Repentance 
·         Hope 

In past years I’ve done some Easter celebrating here, one year with art. Other years with videos about the life of Christ. With music. Music. And more music. Music is the language of the angels; you hear it and feel it, and something transcendent can happen.

Here’s a bonus, a song I came across for the first time today, with children singing. It could be for any time. But it’s appropriate for Easter, with the message “He Lives and He Loves Me.”

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