Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Last night I attended a preview showing of a documentary called Agenda: Grinding America Down, by Curtis Bowers. There’s a 6-minute trailer here.

It wasn’t light viewing. The point is, it’s not a conspiracy when it’s not hidden; it’s an agenda. The movie detailed the movement from Marx’s death, with only nine attendees at the funeral, to the Fabian Socialists, who formed a year later with the symbol of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, on through Antonio Gramsci, who inspired Saul Alinsky, who inspired Cloward and Piven, who inspired Bill Ayers, who continues to inspire and direct Barack Obama as he has done since the early ‘80s.

The words, writings, and works of these socialists (would-be dictators) are ubiquitous. We’re wrong to think of socialists as the radical communists of the Lenin and Stalin type. We know enough in this still somewhat free country to outright reject any such takeover of our way of life. So the way has been to use several more subtle methods to transform the culture. If they can create chaos within society, then they can step in and offer safety from the chaos, thus giving themselves perpetual control over the people. The methods include these:
  • Undermine the family.
    • Encourage cohabitation over marriage.
    • Encourage feminism to convince women they are victimized in marriage.
    • Encourage acceptance of homosexuality and sexual deviance as normal and healthy.
    • Control education/indoctrination of the children.
  • Control the economy.
    • Use ecology and climate fears as a means of limiting economic growth.
    • Infiltrate churches with false concepts, replacing God as the giver with Government as the giver—social justice.
  • Control Media
    • Train journalists to interpret the news rather than report it.
    • Indoctrinate using news, books, music, movies, TV
There was a fairly exhaustive list he referred to: Cleon Skousen’s 1958 book The Naked Communist. I’ve known about it all my life; it was on my parents’ bookshelf [have I mentioned my Dad was a friend of the author?], and parts of it were excerpted in the homeschooling history curriculum we used.

Curtis Bowers, the movie producer, reported that in the early 80s (I think was the time), he was a graduate student and attended a Communist meeting in Berkeley, at the suggestion of a teacher who wanted to find out what they were meeting about. He had expected to find a lot of radical college students, but what he found was a roomful of older, middle-aged suit-wearing adults, who openly discussed their agenda, which told him this was more serious than he had anticipated. He looked again at that listed agenda a few years ago and discovered that nearly everything on the list had been accomplished, which caused enough alarm bells to go off that he produced this movie to get the word out.

While the movie was well done and informative (and full of far more quotes than I could jot down in the dark), there wasn’t a lot new to me, since I’ve been preoccupied with this kind of information for a while. Clearly I need to learn more; I hadn’t heard of Antonio Gramsci, for example. But fortunately the movie ended with the questions “Is it too late?” and “What can we do?”  Experts resoundingly agreed that it is not too late, although the hour is late. And they made some good suggestions:

  • Pray.
  • Get educated—understand the goals of the enemy.
  • Speak up.
  • Be willing to be criticized for speaking the truth.
  • Make contact with people at church and your circle of influence.
  • Use more media: blog, YouTube, etc., with creative and frequent messages.
  • Influence our own families—teach our own children and grandchildren the difference between truth and error.
  • Homeschool your children—teach them a Biblical worldview.
  • Protect and defend this great land.
  • Be a hero—someone who doesn’t go with the status quo, and don’t underestimate the power of one individual American wielding the truth.
I have to hope that, if enough of us learn the truth and speak up, and do our part, it will be enough. But the time to learn the truth and speak up is now, while we still can.

I know this scary tone sounds like a conspiracy theory; I can’t help how it sounds. But it’s not some secret conspiracy when it’s out there in the open to anyone who looks: it’s an Agenda.

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