Thursday, May 26, 2011


Some personal stuff today, a little about commitment. When I started this blog in early March, I committed to myself and my readers that I would regularly post on weekdays and occasional Saturdays. I take a rest on the Sabbath. Except when I was out of town and out of reach of the internet, I have faithfully posted every weekday, plus a few Saturdays, so I was pleased with myself.

A week and a half ago I started taking an online computer course through the local community college. I’ve needed this knowledge for quite a while (hence the rather unexciting look of this blog), and I’ve been trying to sign up since my daughter Social Sphere started taking community college classes three years ago. [There’s an irony here, because back in the early 80s I wrote computer documentation and was up on the cutting edge—when Wordperfect was version 2.0 and hardly anyone used Word yet. The computer world left me in the dust while I was raising my little spheres.] Things finally aligned for this spring term; it’s a sped-up course in just four weeks. I thought I’d be dedicating about two hours a day to it, but I could adjust to that for just a month. Turns out I’m spending ten hours on many days, and the least has been four. On top of this we have two sick people in this house, and an unexpected dog for a couple of months, plus the grandbaby who has learned to climb anywhere she wants and refuses to nap.

It feels heartbreaking to me that I’ve had two days, last Thursday and yesterday, that I simply couldn’t get to this blog. I couldn’t even get my mind set to think about what to write. After this week the class will only be two more weeks, so I think I need to be realistic and allow myself to miss an occasional post.

When I write, I’m not just satisfying my need to have my say; I’m trying to give something valuable, something that will benefit anyone who takes the time from their life to read this. I want to contribute to an increase in civilization in the world. It feels important to me, and I hope it is important to you readers as well.

So, I’m saying I am still dedicated to this little cause, but I need to be realistic about what’s physically possible for me right now. So, my apologies if I miss a day here and there. I’m hoping that once the class is over I will very rarely have a day you can’t depend on me.

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