Thursday, May 17, 2018

Historic Day in Israel

US Embassy in Jerusalem Dedication
May 14, 2018 (image from screen shot)

Israel is a country with a capital city—like pretty much every other country in the history of countries. Except that in Israel’s case, people in various countries have been trying to tell them they can’t have their capital there, where it has historically always been (including thousands of years ago). Our country and others have given lip service to recognizing Jerusalem as their capital, and promised to put our embassy in their capital. But then, on second thought, just left it in Tel Aviv, even though the government buildings and officials and their meetings are in Jerusalem.

So, when President Trump promised to move the embassy, as at least the past three presidents have promised, we just sort of say, “We’ll see.” But he said it would happen in six months. That means putting a plan of action in place.

And it happened.

If you’ve read here for long, you know I did not support Donald Trump in the election. (I, of course, did not vote for Hillary either; that was unthinkable.) His personality and character are not what I would prefer. And his record as a Democrat, and no particular ideological shift to conservatism, meant I had no particular reason to trust him to do right things for our country. So every time he does something really right, I’m pleasantly surprised. I hope that keeps happening.

Anyway, respecting our strong ally Israel by recognizing their capital by our actions is a good thing.
I watched the full ceremony, and I’m including that recording below. There are good things said there, and there’s a sense of goodness and honor about the whole thing. I felt respect for those involved, including the president’s daughter and her husband, because they were so respectful toward our Israeli friends. (The ceremony starts about 22 minutes in.)

If you followed the news, then you know there were protesters at the gates. The media would have you believe these were unarmed protesters, appearing in response to the embassy dedication. Not really true. There were protesters as there always are. There may have been more at this time of heightened media attention. Also, they were not exactly unarmed. Some were trying to send airborne fires in hopes of burning down the city. These Hamas-led terrorists (a more apt word for them than protesters) were despicable enough to place someone in a wheelchair in the line of fire in their ongoing effort to make the Israelis look like the bad guys.

My guess is that there has never been a country that went so fully out of their way to keep their enemies safe while they were defending themselves from those enemies.

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