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Misdirection from the Larger Story, Part II

This is the second part of Misdirection from the Larger Story. Part I is here.

The impeachment hearings are purportedly about our president’s interest in corruption by Joe Biden and his son in Ukraine from when Joe Biden was the Vice President—interest that is supposedly off limits, regardless of accuracy, because Joe Biden is a presidential candidate.

But that corruption story is only a small piece of the larger Ukraine picture—which, in turn, is a small piece in a larger worldwide picture, which we'll get to today.

Focus on that small piece is not only fruitless, because there was no wrongdoing by President Trump, but also because it misdirects us from the larger stories. So I don’t want to get too distracted, but since former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified on Friday, I want to add just a bit of her part.

If we recall what we know about her, upon her appointment as Ambassador to Ukraine by the Obama administration, she held a meeting with the new prosecutor general, Lutsenko. Despite her denial that she “handed him a list,” multiple sources verify that she listed for Lutsenko those entities his investigations should not touch—including anything related to a George Soros NGO or Burisma. He pulled out a piece of paper to write the list, and she said, no, he misunderstood. And he answered that, yes, he understood very clearly. It was how Ukraine, in all its corruption, had always worked, but now he could see that the US worked this way as well.

That’s the former ambassador Yovanovich, who testified for five hours on Friday. She was removed from her ambassador post (but remains a State Department employee) months earlier and had no knowledge of the July phonecall at the center of the impeachment inquiry. When asked directly whether she knew anything about the President making a bribe, she had to answer no. When then asked whether she was aware of any illegal act by the President, she again had to answer no.

She not only had no firsthand knowledge surrounding the question, she knew nothing secondhand. But for five hours she was allowed to make the case that the President was interfering with State Department ongoing programs.

That’s pertinent to what we want to talk about. Not her opinions on these things, but that the State Department thinks its duty is to disregard the President’s policies and to enact its own program—and he’s interfering! How dare he! He must be stopped!

The bigger picture in Ukraine goes back some years, to when the then-President of Ukraine decided to side with Russia rather than the European Union. There has always been, and continues to be, a separation between ethnic Russians and Ukrainians within Ukraine. This moment was a catalyst for revolution. And such a moment was what the Obama administration’s State Department was looking for.

It was their policy to support the revolutionaries. Any revolutionaries. Glenn Beck lays it out in four steps:
·         Step One: US State Department identifies, trains, and funds “Civil Society” groups to mobilize.

·         Step Two: When opportunity emerges US trained activists go into action.
·         Step Three: The State Department, and their proxies, actively support the opposition.
·         Step Four: Infiltrate the new government with hand-picked “Civil Society” leaders.

So the revolution—at Step Two in the plan—was the ousting of the previous president Victor Yanukovych. Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland, traveled to Ukraine three separate times during that uprising. Glenn Beck shows a photo of her from December 2013 handing out cookies to the revolutionary activists in the streets.

Glenn Beck lays out what he can prove about what he calls the Democrats' Hydra.
screenshot from here

In his Part III of the Ukrainian corruption series, called "The Democrats' Hydra," Glenn Beck mentions a leaked phone conversation, which he has in his possession, in which Nuland was

discussing how to manipulate who would become the next Ukrainian prime minister. And, surprise! Surprise! That man ended up getting the job.
There’s more:

But even though they’d been publicly outed, manipulating the affairs of a sovereign nation, they didn’t stop. They doubled down.
If you’ll recall, from November 2014, the Obama administration and State Department colluded—probably the right word—to form, connect with, and protect a George Soros-funded NGO inaccurately named the Anti-Corruption Action Center. And Glenn Beck’s researchers found further coordination:

Newly released emails obtained by Freedom of Information Act request, shows near weekly communication between Nuland and Soros. This [he’s showing] is an email chain from June 1, 2016, and it shows Soros setting up a call with Nuland for one of their scheduled updates.
Another email chain, between Nuland and George Soros’s Open Society Foundation happens to include the whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella. Interesting the many places he shows up.

If you look at the four steps, you can see that the plan was to disrupt, foment chaos, and then overthrow an existing regime and put in a replacement government with hand-picked leaders. Done and done.

What is the evidence? Glenn Beck holds up documentation—which he has shared online to make sure it doesn’t disappear, written by George Soros personally and signed by him. Glenn Beck explains:

He actually says “a self-appointed advocate of the new Ukraine.” This is his comprehensive strategy for the new Ukraine. In this paper, Soros identifies the institutions that need to be either set up or targeted by his group and the US State Department.
The first one is the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, that needed to be established. Well, they got this one done right away. Right away. They got that done in the beginning. It’s also relevant to point out that this relationship bore fruit for the Obama administration as they pressured the bureau to investigate Manafort. They later hit a home run when they illegally released information implicating Manafort in the Black Ledger. It doesn’t mean Manafort isn’t guilty of something; it just means illegally released that information, which kicks the Russian investigation into overdrive. 
Now why did I say illegally release the information? Because a Ukrainian court convicted the head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau—you know, the first thing that Soros said they had to do. They were convicted for doing it, and interfering in the US 2016 election. 
It’s interesting that the establishment of the bureau was part of Soros’s plan, and they were directly coordinating with the Obama administration. It is the head of this organization that is caught on tape bragging about how he worked to discredit Trump on behalf of Hillary Clinton. [In Episode I of this series, called "Ukraine Scandal Explained."]
By the way, convicted in a court of law for interfering in a US election. But our media has absolutely no interest.
This looks like it’s about Ukraine. But it’s bigger than that. George Soros has a long history of creating chaos, often economic collapse, in order to take out a regime and start anew. He’s done that pattern.

Why was Obama, along with the Clinton-run State Department, and currently the embedded Deep State plan not only supporting Soros’s plans, but taking them on as their own?


Alec Ross, an appointee to the State Department as a senior advisor on innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, spoke to embassy insiders at the Ukrainian Embassy, revealing some truths they wouldn’t normally say openly—at least not to the rest of us. He has three things on the screen behind him showing "infrastructure, mass media, and communication," with the word "INTERNET" underneath. He says,

Ross: And the force and effect of all three of these paradigm shifts taking place at once creates a moment of remarkably disruptive change. And, for those of us that work in foreign policy, the change that I would argue is actually most significant goes to this issue: power.
Alec Ross at the Ukrainian Embassy in 2011.
screenshot from here

People like George Soros have money enough, and experience enough. What he has left to crave is power, which he relishes. There’s a clip Glenn Beck shows from a piece he did on Fox, called “The Puppetmaster.” This is Soros in his own words:

Soros: When you try to, say, improve society, you affect different people and their different interests differently. And they’re not actually commensurate. So you very often have all kinds of unintended adverse consequences. So I had to experiment. And it was a learning process. The first part was this subversive activity, disrupting an oppressive regime. That was a lot of fun, and that’s what actually got me hooked on this whole enterprise.

George Soros clip from "The Puppetmaster" on Fox News
screenshot from here

Collapsing entire countries is fun for him. Compare this to a time, during the Arab Spring, when Gaddafi was beaten and dragged to death in the streets, and Hillary Clinton says, “We came. We saw. He died.” Followed by raucous laughter. Oh what fun it is to wield power! She’s practically giddy.

Did the State Department have a hand in causing the Arab Spring?

We said things were bigger than Ukraine; Ukraine was just an example story of the larger global picture.

Here’s what Alec Ross said about their efforts—in that four-step plan we mentioned above:

Ross: Some of the things that I spoke about when I came to the department—things like leaderless revolution or virtual organizations—might have been really edgy or a little off-center, but after Tunisia and Egypt, nobody is questioning the abstraction of leaderless revolutions, and after Wikileaks, certainly everybody understands the power of virtual, globally distributed organizations.
And which step was taking place when the Ambassador to Libya was in Benghazi in 2012, probably arranging arm sales to Syria? Was it really an "spontaneous, indigenous, popular uprising," or was it yet another trained-by-us, timed-by-us fomented uprising for the purpose of power mongering?

Let me remind you of one more thing: power mongers use chaos as an opportunity to gain power. I wrote this on the Spherical Model website in the article “The Political World is Round”:

People tend to be afraid of the chaos of anarchy. Lenin saw this. One way to gain totalitarian power is to create chaos and then promise to solve the problems of chaos (crime, poverty, lack of safety on all levels) by offering government solutions, until the revolutionaries have managed to get themselves installed as dictators. This was the purpose of Trotsky’s idea of perpetual revolution: Place power in our hands, and we will see that you are fed and housed and protected—that is, if the dictator was so minded once the power was achieved. Everywhere that communism has been tried, it took hold because people gave in to this desire for government to provide protection and food and shelter. It works on a people who do not trust their own ability to provide, and it works especially well when chaos reigns to make it difficult for people to provide for themselves. Revolutionaries therefore cause anarchy so that they can implement their own totalitarian tyranny.
Anywhere that you see revolutionaries using terrorism, they are creating chaos for the purpose of seeking their own power—always. Their claim of doing it for the people and their rights is always a lie—even to themselves.
Here’s one more quote from Alec Ross, so that you see how this relates to Yovanovitch’s testimony on Friday:

Alec Ross quote
screenshot from here
Ross: Instead of trying to create a new bureau, what we wanted to do was build a long-term institutional capacity. I leave feeling that the work has been fully institutionalized and that the programs will live on.”

The proof is long, detailed, and complex. But the trail is there. We’re seeing what was hidden, because that July 25th phonecall set off alarms among the entrenched Deep State; they had to stop investigations, because they would be discovered. And then, because of their explosive reaction, we’re actually seeing what they planned to keep hidden.

That’s a good thing. But only if we Americans take action to root out the corruption.

Let me use a phrase a few of you will recognize: secret combinations. [See Ether 8:18-25.] These are what bring the downfall of any civilization that does not root them out.

Our former president and secretary of state were in a secret combination with George Soros. There are others with them: Alec Ross, Victoria Nuland, Marie Yovanovitch, Eric Ciaramella, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi—and many names we don’t know. They are imbedded in our State Department, our CIA, our National Security. They will not give up power easily, because power is what they crave most. And once they get it, they wield it tyrannically.

How do we root them out? As a single citizen here, typing at my computer, I don’t know. But I know it’s important for me to know what’s going on, and let that inform my vote, and my voice as I speak with others. 

If there are enough of us who do that, God will make up for our limitations and help us save this, the greatest experiment in freedom, prosperity, and civilization the world has ever known.

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