Monday, November 11, 2013

Big Thanks

Today is Veterans Day in America. It’s a day to thank those who have served in the military. We owe them big thanks. We honor them.
My mother's father served in WWI
Several friends have honored their military connections with photos of parents, uncles, brothers, themselves—any loved one who has served--on their online profiles.
I’d like to add mine here.

Veterans Day began at the end of World War I, the “war to end all wars.” I have a grandfather who served in that war, my mother’s father. He was serving in the Army at the time he married my grandmother. The story is, he had to go AWOL briefly for the wedding. Everyone had traveled to town for the wedding, and suddenly and unexpectedly his leave did not come through to leave base. This was not quite before phones, but it was certainly before a convenient way to reach people by phone. The options were to leave his bride waiting at the altar without information, or to get there in person. He consulted a superior officer, someone who couldn’t give the leave but who could advise that this was a time to bend the rules. So he left base briefly for the wedding and then had to hurry back.
Fortunately for me, his service did not require losing his life. He and my grandmother had eight children, with my mother as the sixth. My grandmother died before I was born (at about the age I am now), but my grandfather lived until I was in my late teens, and we enjoyed his visits, and enjoyed visiting him on his Idaho farm, with a huge garden he managed up until his final years.
My dad served in WWII
My dad served in World War II. I wrote in more detail a couple of years ago. It was nearly a decade after the war by the time he met my mother, so his military service was kind of ancient history to us. Still, I like the photo of him in uniform and I’m proud of his service.
My son Economic Sphere is currently serving in the US Army. I wrote about his recent accomplishments last month. He does not like his photo to show up online, so I’m living with that. However, I found one that I think he will approve. This was taken after his DLI graduation, when the teachers were getting photos with his class.
My son, currently serving
in the US Army
We get him home for Christmas, and I have warned him that we will be doing family photos—since we have added a grandson and son-in-law since the last time we were together for photos. I probably won’t post that one either, but I will have it on my wall to glory in.
I have no trouble remembering the military in my family.
Beyond that, I hope we all will remember, with gratitude, the service of our military—and always offer gratitude and honor for their service.

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