Monday, November 19, 2012

The Non-Riot Revolution

This has been a several part series on the election and what it means. First I posted my report as a poll watcher on Election Day, which contrasted with overall reports. Then I collected a list of evidences of voter fraud. So now we can get to the question: Given massive voter fraud and an illegitimate presidency, what do freedom-loving conservatives do in response?

There will be a number of legitimate efforts to pursue legal prosecution of fraud, as there should be. This effort, such as is carried out by True the Vote (who trained me and thousands of other poll watchers), is quixotic—dreaming the impossible dream of having free and fair elections. I think that needs to continue. We do not consent to Venezuela-style elections, where the outcome is decided by the dictator and any “election” is just a token gesture to mollify critics around the world. That is what we experienced this time, but it is not what we have consented to. As with all rulers not chosen freely by the people, the tyrant is an illegitimate ruler; the people have not consented. Rather they are enslaved. Hayek’s title The Road to Serfdom makes more literal sense now.
I expect others will pursue the impossible recourse of “proving” the illegitimacy of the election before the electoral college vote, and using the electoral college as an opportunity to overturn the fraudulent results. This is also quixotic, but even less sensible. Imagine if the other side saw the electoral college as merely a way to manipulate an outcome that they didn’t approve of. I wouldn’t mind seeing this play out in fiction or a movie, but I see it as not realistic in response to this election.
Unlike the anti-freedom, anti-civilization radicals, we who love and honor freedom and civilization will not riot in the streets, essentially throwing a tantrum that we can’t have our way.
What we will do—no magic formula, no perfect easy resolution—is to live individual lives following the rules of civilization, and where we can, rules of freedom. We will not lie, cheat, and steal like our enemies. We will value innocent life. We will value and preserve the family as the basic unit of civilization. And we will honor God as the provider of our inalienable rights and obey the laws He has given us to preserve them.
Most of the people in the history of the world have lived under tyranny. While I believe God has had a special purpose in allowing freedom to flourish in America these past couple centuries, His larger purpose is to turn His children (all of us) to Him. Hardship more often turns broken hearts to God than thankfulness for abundance turns hearts to Him. Unfortunately.
Good people show up everywhere. While following the rules of freedom, free-enterprise, and civilization lead a people to thrive, living these laws individually will not guarantee success amidst an oppressive regime. But they can lead to individual happiness despite the oppression.
Photo of honeybees from Hinode Farms
There are those who are reframing the political game for the next election. I will let them. I am not particularly interested. Until enough hearts change in this country that a critical mass of people actually choose freedom and civilization, winning the political game from time to time will not solve the underlying cancer. Not that we should abandon all efforts in the political world, but let’s be realistic about the limits of politics.
My suggestions may not seem like enough. But there’s a story about honeybees, where each individual bee gathers practically microscopic amounts of pollen from hundreds of individual flowers, making maybe a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey per bee. Not much by itself, but added together with the hard work of others, the result is abundance of sweetness. So, while my individual efforts, and yours, may not seem to be enough under the circumstances, if we do our part anyway, let’s trust that God can make something of our efforts.
In short, here’s what I suggest:
·       Keep doing your part as a good citizen. Vote intelligently for the best candidates you can find.
·       Keep voicing your opinions, and find more and better ways to express the philosophy of freedom and civilization to those who do not yet understand. (This is my purpose at Spherical Model.)
·      Stand up against tyranny where the laws have not yet been ruled against us. Encourage state and local leaders to respond to your desire for freedom.
·      Avoid mollifying and appeasement while also avoiding contention. Living better lives than those who don’t know how to follow God’s law is a better convincer than sharp words.
·      Defend family, and defend religious freedoms—we haven’t lost yet. And whatever the culture around us does, we must nevertheless resist the acceptance of evil.
·      Find others to connect with, and strengthen one another.

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