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Too Much for a Soundbite

One of my (very minor) superpowers is being able to gather and synthesize information, and then lay it out for easier understanding. But there are limits. So, today I’ll show you a bit what is in the process of coming to an understanding, not fully ready for certainty.

But one pattern I’ve seen: If the enemies of freedom,prosperity, and civilization accuse their opposition of something, you can assume they’re doing that very thing.

Glenn Beck, explaining the Ukraine Scandal, October 4, 2019
screenshot from here

Last Thursday I watched the full two-hour chalkboard presentation Glenn Beck did of the Ukraine Scandal. I’ve included the 51-minute essential video below. But it was too much for me to digest in a sitting. Or two. So I went through it again, piece-by-piece, taking notes, to see it in writing. So I might as well share that. After that, I’ll share some additional materials you can check out to educate yourself.

·         February 2014 Ukraine got a new president.
·         March 2014 Obama administration offers help to financially strapped Ukraine. Joe Biden placed to oversee the help.
·         Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, along with John Kerry’s son, has set up an investment firm—for which the younger Biden has no experience (although he does have a record, having been kicked out of the military for drug problems, and is known for other scandals. See YouTube “Joe Biden Scandal in Ukraine.”)
·         April 2014 Joe Biden, along with Devon Archer, flies to Ukraine.
·         May 2014 Devon Archer (Biden’s friend) is made a board member of Burisma, a gas company. Also, Hunter Biden is placed on that board (without experience in oil and gas)—where he receives $50,000 a month (or $600,000 for a year). The oligarch owner of Burisma is too corrupt to get a visa to enter the US.
·         Also in May 2014 Obama offers a $1 Billion loan guarantee, plus $320 Million in general assistance, plus $118 Million for security equipment and training, plus $20 Million for law enforcement reform, plus lots of advisors—for banking, politics, energy, media, and human rights.
·         November 2014 Obama administration insists that Ukraine establish a national anti-corruption bureau (NACB), with the US as a partner. This puts the US in a position to get direct information on anything this bureau uncovers. Advisors include Greg Craig, former Obama White House Counsel; Tad Devine, Bernie Sanders’ chief strategist; and Tony Podesta, brother to John Podesta (who was counsel to Obama in 2014-2015); Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist; Joel Benenson and John Anzalone, Obama campaign pollsters.
·         Meanwhile, the corrupt oligarch owner of Burisma gets $1.8 B of money going to Burisma to be placed in his private bank—and that money disappears in a “banking error.” And at this point, the ban on his visa to the US is lifted, meaning he is no longer considered corrupt.
·         June 2015 Trump announces his presidential candidacy.
·         Late 2015, in the climate of corruption tied to Obama operatives, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) hires Alexandra Chalupa, daughter of Ukrainian, to do opposition research on Trump. (She had been doing work for the DNC since 2004.)
·         January 2016 Chalupa approaches DNC officials, suggests (no evidence; she just has a feeling) that Trump is connected somehow to Russia. This is before Manafort or Papadopoulos were in the picture for the Trump campaign, and before the Steel dossier. She focuses on Paul Manafort, who had worked for the campaign of the ousted Ukrainian president in 2014, but ignores the fact that Tad Devine and Tony Podesta had also advised the ousted president (these two were later appointed as advisors to the new president).
·         January 2016 Ukraine NACB meets with White House about two issues: Joe Biden and his son related to Burisma, and Paul Manafort. Only Manafort gets investigated. Those at the meeting later report they were pressured not to investigate the Burisma $1.8 B loss of money that had come from US taxpayers. (Contrast this with the current claim that possibly Trump pressured Ukraine to look into this very thing.)
·         March 2016 Ukraine prosecutor Shokin had been looking into Burisma; Joe Biden steps in and gets him fired. (He later brags about this; there is video.) According to Shokin testimony in another case, when he was fired, there had been no complaints about his work, and Biden presented no incidents of his supposed corruption. He claims he was fired because of Biden and assumes it was because of his investigation into Burisma, because of Biden’s son’s connection with that company. But he was also investigating an NGO supported by both the US government and a George Soros-owned organization.
·         Also in March 2016, another “accounting error” loses and additional $2.2 million in US taxpayer IMP loan to Ukraine.
·         Also in March 2016, Lutsenko takes over as prosecutor in Ukraine.
·         Also in March 2016, Manafort briefly works for the Trump campaign. And Chalupa, still a DNC operative, starts working directly with the Ukrainian Embassy in the US, where she worked to (mis)direct reporters researching Manafort and Russia, to damage the campaign of the Republican candidate for president.
·         April 2016 Chalupa spoke at Open World Society forum on Manafort, bringing in Michael Isikoff, whom she had connected with the Ukrainians. In a May email she hinted about a Trump connection she was working on. Later Isikoff wrote a story on the Steel dossier; he had received that dossier—which eventually showed up with the FBI and was used to obtain a FISA warrant to investigate Trump.
·         Also April 2016, the DNC hired FusionGPS to investigate Trump. Bruce Ohr of the DOJ was married to a woman who worked for FusionGPS, which was hired by the DNC. It is reasonable to say, then, that the DNC was colluding with Ukraine to interfere with a US presidential election.
·         June 2016 The FBI officially combined with the Ukraine NACB.
·         June 2016 A black ledger containing financial records kept by the former Ukrainian president, used for under-the-table payments. The black ledger was put together by head of NACB, Sytnyk and Leshchenko. They illegally release these documents in August 2016. The same day that info comes out that sends Manafort to jail, Tony Podesta (who had been doing the same work for the former Ukrainian president) retires, closes doors on his lobbying business, and no one investigates.
·         Also in June 2016 Obama appoints a new US Ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch. She calls in Lutsenko and instructs him not to investigate Burisma (and the missing $1.8 B) or the Soros-connected organization (and the missing $2.2 M), or a number of unnamed Ukrainians. Lutsenko, the new prosecutor for Ukraine, wanted to meet in the US with the DOJ. But the ambassador refused visas to him and his team. Specifically, they had wanted to discuss the following:

Glenn Beck explains what prosecutor Lutsenko wanted to share with DOJ
screenshot from here
o   DNC and Ukrainian officials were trying to gather dirt on Trump.
o   Misappropriation of $7 B in US money.
o   Ukrainian officials who admitted to influencing the US election.
o   Records showing Burisma sending $3 M to Hunter Biden (apparently way beyond his $600,00 in pay for being on their board).
o   Report of Biden pressuring Ukraine to fire Shokin.
o   US officials had interfered in cases in Ukraine.
·         November 2016 Trump won the election, a surprise to all these operatives.
·         July 12, 2017 Sarah Huckabee Sanders, at that time the incoming White House Press Secretary, in an off-camera briefing, tells media any actual collusion had happened between the DNC and the Ukrainian government and had specifically targeted people in the Trump campaign to influence the election. No follow-up questions from the media.
·         October 2017 Two Ukrainians (Sytnyk of NACB and Leshchenko) are found guilty of interfering in US election. US media doesn’t cover this. Evidence included prosecutor Lutsenko mentioning, in April, an audio the Americans had of Sytnyk conversation at his home, discussing how he would like to help Hillary, who was of the US and world hegemony, even though Trump would be better for the American people. Rosenblat leaked the audio recording, after the court heard it, in October 2017. It was front-page news in Ukraine, but not covered here.
·         Throughout 2018 Mueller investigation underway in US, and political upheaval is underway in Ukraine.
·         April 18, 2019 Mueller report shows there was zero collusion between Trump campaign and Russia.
·         April 29, 2019 Ukraine elects a comedic commentator as their new president, following an anti-corruption campaign.
·         May 2019 Trump fires US Ambassador to Ukraine Yovanovitch.
·         Also May 2019 DOJ investigates the investigation into Trump. (Results are due out in the near future. There is some speculation that the impeachment talk is an effort to discredit the president and his administration ahead of this report.)
·         July 2019 New Ukrainian president recalls the Ukrainian ambassador to the US for corruption. Now no one is in the way of what prosecutor Lutsenko wanted to tell the US.
·         July 2019 Trump has a phone conversation with new Ukrainian president.
·         September 2019 a whistleblower with no direct information on the phonecall reports that Trump was pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. The next day Trump provides the entire transcript of the call showing there was no wrongdoing; that same day Nancy Pelosi announces that ongoing committees will now be called an impeachment inquiry.
Earlier today, Glenn Beck interviewed investigative journalist John Solomon, who has done much of the digging into this story. The audio is available here (about 125 minutes in, during the 3rd hour of the radio broadcast). 

Here are a couple more explanations from Glenn Beck:

·         “What Whistleblowers Are Supposed to Do,” procedures that were not followed in this case. Here on Facebook
·         This second one is more about the DNC operative: “The Chalupa Behind the DNC’s Ukraine Scandal.” Here  on Facebook
Here are several of the stories coming from John Solomon for The Hill:

·         April 1, 2019Joe Biden's 2020 Ukrainian nightmare: A closed probe is revived” 
·         October 8, 2019John Solomon claims newdocument shows 'significant shift' in 'factual timeline' of Ukraine matters  Fox News Sean Hannity interview

John Solomon (left) being interviewed by Sean Hannity
screenshot from here
Here are a few more articles on the issue:

·         May 13, 2019Why Isn’t the Senate Investigating Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Over China, Ukraine Dealings?” for American Thinker by Monica Showalter 
·         September 26, 2019 When Hillary Clinton Colluded with Ukraine” for American Thinker by Daniel John Sobieski 
·         October 10, 2019Ukraine President: We’re Ready To Investigate Ukraine’s Alleged Meddling In 2016 U.S.Election” for The Daily Wire by James Barrett 
Most of what you’re hearing on mainstream media is about Trump trying to discredit Biden and maybe hinting at something in a phonecall to the president of Ukraine. They’re missing the largest part of the story. You can find the facts, but it’s not that easy. The Glenn Beck Ukraine Scandal Explained video, below, was shadowbanned—meaning that some algorithm made it difficult to find even though it was much searched for.

The people who tried to effect a particular outcome in 2016 will be trying (harder) to do that in 2020. At least arm yourself with some truth. 

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