Thursday, July 26, 2018

What Equality Means

Andrew Klavan was on Glenn Beck Wednesday morning, talking about socialism, which he’d talked about the day before on his podcast. So I went to listen to the Tuesday podcast to hear what got Glenn Beck’s attention.

He talks about the death of Europe—after so many problems have been solved by capitalism. He has a better long way of saying it, but socialism essentially comes in and eats the bread produced by the freedom of capitalism. It takes about 70 years. So the instigators—who might not have known the future—don’t see it play out in its full disastrous tyranny. They maybe should have followed the logic through, but they don’t. The next generation has to suffer.

There’s not much of a pass you can give to those who can see world history and should know better from that, even if they don’t follow the full logic through to its conclusion.

For example, Bernie Sanders was alive to know of the millions murdered by communist regimes in the Soviet Union, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, etc. In fact, Klavan talks quite a bit about Nicaragua 

Klavan reminds us of a clip of Bernie Sanders in 1985 where he said, “Yeah, some people say it’s bad when they have bread lines in communist countries. They say it’s bad, but it’s good, because other places they’re starving. They’re starving, but only rich people eat.” As Klavan says, “That was after his trip to Nicaragua. That was in praise of Daniel Ortega, this clown who is now murdering his own people as they protest his communist tyranny,” which Klavan spends a chunk of his broadcast recounting, since Ortega has been shooting up Catholic churches to stop protesters from finding sanctuary for speaking out against his regime, which was always and ever supported by America’s Democrats).(praising both CBS's and Fox News's Brett Baier, who have been covering events there. 

Klavan points out more about Bernie:

At no point did Bernie Sanders, who, as I say “honeymooned” in the Soviet Union, which is a gesture of support for a country that murdered tens of millions of its own people, starved its own people in the street in order to bring about the perfect socialist utopia...—at no point has he ever said, “Something is wrong with my philosophy.”
He shares clips of both Bernie Sanders and, the young socialist candidate whom he calls Bernie’s “mini-me,” Alexadria Ocasio-Cortez, talking about all the things that are “rights” that ought to be paid for by the top 1% of earners. Because, while the “right-wing” goal is to beat them, so they don’t impose socialism on us and bring us to ruin—as has happened everywhere it’s ever tried, the “left-wing” goal is “equality.”

What does that mean? Well, that brings his to Klavan's latest episode of the "Leftese Dictionary: E Is For Equality," a short summary, with some rather fun visuals, which I found later on YouTube, so I could see it instead of just hear it. The summary is worth putting up on a poster where every old and newly minted socialist can read it over and over. So please enjoy this bit of education:

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