Monday, April 20, 2015

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I’m traveling. And holding a grandbaby. So my writing brain isn’t in focus. Still, I thought I’d post a couple of things that don’t require a lot of commentary.

That comes from a collection of clever logo altering, found here.

This video is from a couple of weeks ago, when H announced. Thank you SNL for adding humor to an otherwise humorless event.


And if you think this woman ought to be running, you may need to take a look at her acolytes, because you are one of them. This video is from last May, but I just came across it a week or so ago. College students are asked whether they support Hillary, and the general consensus is yes, they’re thrilled to have her run, because she’s a woman. Apparently any female would do. When asked what her greatest accomplishment was, most said they couldn’t think of anything. One, who was doing his thesis on her accomplishments as Secretary of State, said the way she handled Benghazi was her greatest accomplishment.


Not to get too serious today, but just for some clarity, you might check out this little history lesson from Ben Shapiro on whether Mrs. Clinton is actually the most transparent public figure, as she claims:



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