Saturday, July 13, 2013

Extra on HB2 in Texas

This is a Saturday extra, following up on Wednesday’s post, on HB2, Texas legislation to ban unnecessary abortions past 20 weeks (the point at which the fetus is known to feel pain) and to upgrade clinics to the standards required of other ambulatory surgical clinics. The bill passed the Senate Friday evening at 11:59 PM by a vote of 19-11, which makes it law pending Governor Perry’s willing signature.

This is good news. Both in the House and in the Senate, the strong majority votes included bipartisan agreement, and the legislation was introduced and strongly supported by women—meaning the president’s kneejerk reaction was wrong yet again.
On Wednesday I pointed out that the pro-death-to-infants side reveals their savage tendencies by their behavior during the process. That was again on full display Friday at the Texas Capitol.  Department of Public Safety officers did their job to keep the mobs at bay. Bricks, tampons, and glitter were confiscated before they could be thrown at pro-lifers gathered at the capitol; also confiscated were about 18 jars of urine and feces intended by pro-abortionists to be thrown on those who don’t share their opinions. I'm not sure how they supposed that throwing human waste on people would persuade them toward their point of view.
There were no reports of materials confiscated or any other sort of disturbances or intended disturbances by pro-life supporters.
One side is civilized. One side is savage. When given the chance to show who they really are, each side shows it pretty clearly.

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