Friday, December 14, 2012


At Spherical Model, the cultural/social sphere has civilization in the northern hemisphere and savagery in the southern hemisphere. What we saw in Connecticut on Friday with 28 deaths, mostly children, was savagery. This is something so far down at the southern pole of the sphere that recognition of it as savage is virtually universal. Any philosophical argument about right and wrong being relative, that one person’s “bad” might seem “good” to someone else, is clearly vacuous when you see such a worst case scenario.

I don’t know how this particular perpetrator became so savage. It is a relief we don’t have to suffer through a post-tragedy trial, but it would have made closure easier if there were some explanation. Yet the simple explanation for unspeakable evil is choosing, time after time, against guidance from God.
The path away from evil is toward God. May we ever follow the path leading us closer to God, and may we lead all children there with us.
God bless the families suffering the loss of a beloved child, family member, or friend.

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