Thursday, November 1, 2012

Undead Government Intrusion

This post would have been most appropriate for a Halloween scare, rather than a day late. But better late than never.

Back in spring 2009 my son Political Sphere shared a video with me on his computer. It was the first Klavan on the Culture segment I’d seen; I have been an Andrew Klavan fan since. Back then I had too little technological savvy to know how to save a video for later viewing. So I made Political Sphere play it over and over while I typed up the transcript on my computer. It was just worth it.
Here’s the essential metaphor:
Ordinary people take shelter in a house, barring the doors and boarding the windows against zombies, who reach in through any opening they can find and devour the people’s flesh and turn the living into zombies like themselves. This is an almost perfect metaphor for your government at work. Zombies are dead creatures that don’t produce anything and must devour the lives of others even though once everyone has become a zombie there will be nothing left for anyone to eat. Government is exactly the same. It doesn’t start businesses; it doesn’t create wealth. It doesn’t invent anything. It just devours all the stuff that you make. You bar the door against property tax; they come in through a sales tax. You board the windows against income taxes; they come in with an energy tax.
The overall message is that government just keeps coming, so we need to bar the door and remain constantly vigilant—which I think is a good thing to remember right now, when I believe we’re about to deal a heavy blow to the growing zombie hordes of the past few years. They’re never really dead; they just keep coming back. So, just because we overcome some Obamazombies, it’s no time to rest easy; it’s time to build up stronger defenses against the next rising.
Since 2009 I have improved (very slightly) in the use of technology. So, for your viewing pleasure I have linked the original 4-minute Klavan video below.

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