Monday, October 22, 2012

A Good Feeling about This

At the Spherical Model we talk about the interrelationships of the political, economic, and social (civilization) spheres. It’s significant that freedom goes hand-in-hand with free enterprise, and these two are possible and maintainable in concert with the principles of civilization. These principles include having a religious people, because God is the grantor of our inalienable rights, not a person or man-made entity such as a government.

The Economic Sphere has free-enterprise north
and controlled economy south.
The Civilization Sphere has civilization north
and savagery south
So I believe God is interested in this unique nation established with the idea that a righteous people could govern themselves within limited laws meant to protect life, liberty and property. I think we’re at a critical historical moment in this country, deciding whether to continue in our efforts to actually abide by the freedom and civilization yielding Constitution, or to trash that in exchange for tyranny. I think the times merit asking for divine help, just as our founders did.
I’ve mentioned here before that my prayers lately have been that people will be given a clear choice, that deceit will be lifted and people will see the candidates and the situation as they really are. I believe we still have a critical mass of people who want to choose right but have made errors in not knowing how to recognize what is right.
But I also believe that, since 2008 there has been an awakening. Good people are tuning in, paying attention, and trying to learn what to do to prevent the bad and press for the good. I think what we’re seeing is a real movement northward on the sphere—in politics, free-enterprise principles, and particularly in turning to God and His principles.
I’ve been concerned, because the odds have seemed against us. But I have felt peace within my heart about it; I get the sense things are in God’s hands, and, while I should do my part as well as I can, I should not despair. So, it was with this faith that all would be well that I also asked, “Could I please have some hopeful evidence, so I don’t have to feel tense as things go down to the wire?”
In sports, I actually enjoy being far ahead, so the outcome is certain; I just set up secondary goals to make the game remain interesting. Plus, I’ve been concerned that a close ending in our election might allow the enemy to fraudulently claim a win (like in Washington State a few years ago when the Republican won the governorship until someone just happened to discover a few boxes of uncounted ballots in a garage somewhere that gave the win to the Democrat).
Then the first debate happened, and the trend has been undeniably in our direction since then. Just in answer to my prayers? I don’t know, but it feels that way.
I happened to be listening to Glenn Beck on radio the other day, and he was talking to a black pastor, E. W. Jackson, who has been encouraging Christians, and particularly black Christians, to end the mindless loyalty to the Democrat party and vote according to their actual values. It was during that interview that I got a sense that something being said here is very true. I enjoyed the whole interview, but it was just a few moments that really hit me.
Glenn had said, “I have firm reliance on the protection of divine providence. I don’t believe that God is neutral in the affairs of man or the freedom of man, and if America falls, the whole world falls. I mean, there’s nobody to stand for freedom.” And Pastor Jackson agreed. Glenn added, “I think we’re on the threshold of miracles and profound change. Do you feel that way?”
This isn’t normal radio. Glenn feels free to talk about religion as much as anything else, and does so pretty often. But here he was talking with someone who talks about God all the time too. So there was an extra freedom of religious expression. The pastor responded, “It is not just our Constitution or Declaration. It’s the sense that we are not a mere historical happenstance, but we are a providential nation, that the favor of God has been on us.”
This next part is the moment, from Pastor Jackson, when it hit me, this is true:
I think it’s God moving. I don’t think it’s attributable to me as a person but rather to God moving on people’s hearts and saying, "Okay, there are enough of you standing up; I’m going to move in your behalf." And I agree with you, Glenn. I think God is going to do some marvelous things to help bring this nation back to Him.
So this was on my mind, this idea that, not only is this a critical moment in history, but this is what it looks like when God moves people toward Him on a large scale. It has come after hardship, but not just hardship—after the tribulations convince people to turn to God for help, rather than to government or some other worldly idol.
With this on my mind, a couple of other media moments have also caught my interest. One was an endorsement of Romney by Dennis Miller. I don’t know this man’s religion; I know he considers himself conservative but more rationally so than many. He’s a comedian and radio host, so there’s a bit of an edginess there. But he said of Romney, “This is an eminently decent man.... If we are going to start demonizing good men like Mitt Romney..., we've fallen through some kind of cosmic wormhole that we cannot recover from... This is a good man....” At last we’re again at a point where decency is neither dismissed nor derided, but lauded as it ought to be.
On Friday, the day after the radio interview with Pastor Jackson, Glenn Beck’s TV show was a Q&A session, “Ask Glenn Anything.” In this episode there was another moment that reminded me something big is happening, something God is handling for us. An audience member, Tony Brown, asked, “God forbid we lose the election, how do we save our nation going forward?”
Glenn joked a little for a moment, and then he got more serious. This is how that went:
Glenn: Uh, who wants to carpool to Canada? [laughter] Um, I haven’t thought of that one, because…. I’ll be real honest with you, I was down on my knees this morning, and I was praying, “Help us out here, Lord. Please help us out. Recognize how many people there are.… And I, again, this happens to me all the time, almost every day whenever I’m praying. And you guys have watched the show long enough, do you think I’m an optimist? And, um, I was overwhelmed again. And this time it was almost like, “Dude, I got this. I got it.”
Stu: God calls you Dude?
Glenn: [nods] He almost did today, He almost did. It was like, “Dude, stop calling me. I got it.” I just, I just feel that we are going to be fine. Unfortunately I am seasoned enough to know that doesn’t necessarily mean the kind of “fine” I’m looking for, but the kind of “fine” He’s looking for.
That’s what I think too—all of it. God has been telling me, “Don’t worry; it’s in My hands.” And also, that will be true regardless of how the election turns out. I do predict a Romney win, and with that a chance to put the brakes on the free fall toward tyranny, with a chance to pull the nation back up into the northern hemisphere where we can thrive. But, while a lot of good things can change direction right away, there is probably still a period of pain between now and actual recovery.
It took at least a couple of years for the Reagan recovery to kick into gear following the Carter years. Things in many ways are worse this time. I think we’ll get better business conditions almost right away. But there’s still the massive debt of the last few years. It’s like a spendthrift getting near bankruptcy, finally stopping the profligate spending and getting a good paying job—all is well and headed in the right direction, but there are still some years ahead of careful, humble living to overcome the debt. Add onto that more dire conditions in the world, financially, politically, and spiritually.
During the recovery time, we must not get dispirited. And we especially need to keep faith that we’ve turned in a better direction, and never give in to complaints from those who think we can get north by going south.

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