Friday, March 2, 2012

Stand for Truth

Yesterday the news was dominated by the sad tidings of the death of Andrew Breitbart. I had been unaware of his previous heart attack and was stunned to hear of his death at the young age of 43. I pray for his family, who will most miss him. But I pray also that we will be able to continue progress in a way he pioneered.

Andrew Breitbart, file photo
I don’t remember exactly when I became aware of him, but I became more aware when he and crew came to Houston following the 2010 election to record the stories of voter fraud and interference committed unilaterally by the Democrats. I wasn’t recorded (my challenges were minor compared to many), and I didn’t meet him. But there were people on video at his site that I had seen and met at trainings provided by King Street Patriots’ True the Vote project.
Catherine Engebrecht, head of King Street Patriots, wrote a touching newsletter to honor him yesterday. Among the many remembrances yesterday, this was one of my favorites:
When faced with the challenge of expressing your heart it is often said that words do not do justice. Andrew Breitbart knew how to use words for justice; the impact his words have had on our country is truly immeasurable.
When history folds in on our generation, and our children speak of who we were, they will speak better of us because of Andrew and God willing, they will still speak freely, because of the war Andrew fearlessly fought for so many years.
My friendship with Andrew began in 2010. We'd been sued, we'd been slandered, we'd been all but silenced. Why? A simple miscalculation. We thought that a citizen's volunteering to uphold election integrity would be a good thing; a thing no one could find fault with. How could you be against True the Vote? What we know now that we didn't know then is that in present day America if you tell the truth, and if that truth threatens power, then you will be attacked. Not debated. Attacked, intimidated, smeared, destroyed. Then we met Andrew.
He said "let me be your rodeo clown". In rodeos there are bulls, bull riders, and rodeo clowns. When a bull rider gets thrown he is at the mercy of the animal until the rodeo clown, the bravest one in the arena, shows up to distract the bull long enough to turn its attention to the clown. If there is a hit to be taken, the clown takes it for the sake of the bull rider. Let me be your rodeo clown, let me take the hit, so you can come back to ride another day. What is the measure of a man who would willingly take the hit, over and over and over and over again, so that truth could ride one more day?
There are many depraved, godless, evil animals out there right now, writing and saying horrible things. I can assure you those things are not true. None of them. Andrew sought the truth, supported the truth, told the truth. The more these animals spew, the more they out themselves as the pitiful lot that they are.
Andrew spoke often of and dearly loved his family, he was passionate about his country and countrymen, he knew the stakes of the battle he was in and even still he warred on without reserve.
Today our country lost one of its greatest patriots. Our hearts are broken - but our resolve is redoubled. 2012 is for you, Andrew.
Onward - Catherine Engelbrecht

There was a Facebook page created to honor Breitbart, OneMillionBreitbarts.  I really like the sentiment in this explanation paragraph (found by clicking about):
When I first heard that Andrew Breitbart had died suddenly of natural causes early Thursday night, March 1, 2012 (at the wildly young age of 43) I went through the same set of emotions most Conservatives probably experienced: disbelief, shock, anger, followed by an enormous sense of sorrow: Sorrow for his unfairly shortened life... Sorrow for his wife, Susie, and the four children he left behind… But more than anything I felt an enormous sense of emptiness and sorrow for our country. Because in the length of time it takes for a heart to stop beating, America lost more than a media pioneer, personality and political ‘showman’ (through he was all of these): it lost perhaps the Right’s strongest voice and most powerful advocate for Capitalism, Conservatism, and the United States Constitution. My next thought was: Dear God, there’s no one to take his place. But that’s not entirely true. Because while there is no one person who could ever take Andrew Breitbart’s place on the political platform, there are millions of us who have been touched by his spirit and his passion… to help complete his mission to return America to its former greatness. And that’s why we’ve created this page: to enlist one million people—to fill Andrew Breitbart’s shoes and continue his work. This is more than simply a cute idea to get “likes”… it’s a movement that’s just getting started, one that will give voice to a man who fought tirelessly for us all. Stay posted… keep sharing.
I clicked like, to see what comes. I want to believe that the many media outlets Andrew Breitbart set up to get the truth out will continue, and will keep paving the way for more and more truth. It's a mission worth continuing. I believe (and I think Breitbart believed this) as a people, when we see clearly what is true, we will make the right decisions for preserving our blessed nation under God.

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