Monday, March 12, 2012

Obama Bent on Stopping Israel, but Not Iran

This is a brief follow-up to Friday’s post about the feckless current president. I came across Charles Krauthammer’s assessment of Obama’s AIPAC speech and follow-up. Obama followed the AIPAC speech, in which he insisted, “I do not bluff,” by admitting in a news conference two days later, (as Krauthammer phrases it) “this phrase is just a historical reference to supporting such allies as Britain and Japan—contradicting the intended impression he'd given AIPAC that he was offering special protection to an ally under threat of physical annihilation.”

So, I was right about Obama’s speech being a feckless example of rhetoric, excuses, and obfuscation. 
Krauthammer’s summary is even more direct:
Obama garnered much AIPAC applause by saying that his is not a containment policy but a prevention policy. But what has he prevented? Keeping a coalition of six together is not success. Holding talks is not success. Imposing sanctions is not success.
Success is halting and reversing the program. Yet Iran is tripling its uranium output, moving enrichment facilities deep under a mountain near Qom and impeding IAEA inspections of weaponization facilities.
So what is Obama's real objective?
"We're trying to make the decision to attack as hard as possible for Israel," an administration official told the Washington Post in the most revealing White House admission since "leading from behind."
Revealing and shocking. The world's greatest exporter of terror (according to the State Department), the systematic killer of Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, the self-declared enemy that invented "Death to America Day" is approaching nuclear capability—and the focus of U.S. policy is to prevent a democratic ally threatened with annihilation from pre-empting the threat?
Obama isn’t just occasionally wrong; he is consistently wrong. When he’s that consistent, it has to be purposeful. He is purposefully making America less strong and the world less safe. If this is true, then the next speculation is why? I don’t think he’s insane, and I don’t think he’s stupid. That means he has reasons for weakening America and endangering the world. His actual reasons are what we need to know—and have the public know—before there is another election that could risk irreversible harm to our freedom and prosperity, and safety in the world for ourselves and our allies.

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