Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for family. I have a good husband of almost 30 years, three beautiful and brilliant children, two daughters-in-law that have become mine, and a granddaughter who has spent her entire life in my home where I can see each new step he takes and hear each new word and song she learns. 

I’m thankful that I had my dad for so long; he was 91 when he passed away two years ago Christmas. And I’m thankful to still have my mom, at 82, still healthy and able to drive and take care of herself—and her friends. 

I’m thankful for my home—not a grand home, but the finest I have ever lived in. 

I’m thankful for enough food, and ease in obtaining it. 

I am thankful for my religion; it has made all the difference in my life. It guides me to live in a way that leads to civilization and happiness through the unavoidable trials of life. 

I am thankful for relatively good health—enough to be the oldest player in the church volleyball league. 

I’m thankful to be living in the free country of the United States of America, in the free state of Texas. I’m thankful that the founders were brilliant enough to guarantee our freedoms with a written Constitution. 

I’m thankful for books, and reading, and the internet and more ways than ever to learn and share information and connections. 

I’m thankful that there are more things to be thankful for than I can remember to enumerate in one afternoon. 

I’m thankful we have a day set aside to remind us to be thankful. May my celebration and yours be full of good memories!

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