Thursday, October 27, 2011

Welcome One Billionth

I just learned that right about now the world population has reached the 7 Billion mark. Estimates don’t identify the day, or the particular child. So I have decided to designate my new niece, born just last week, as the welcome one billionth. She just happens to be beautiful, on par with my daughter Social Sphere as a newborn, and granddaughter Baby Political Sphere. You will be happy to know that this one billionth human is truly cherished and valued. 

But one billion is a big number. Should we worry? No. Here’s why. 

  • More people = good
  • Fewer people = bad
  • There is plenty of food, land, and resources for all
If you’ve been told otherwise, it’s time to get more facts.  

A fun source to get the facts is a series of cartoon videos by Population Research Institute. The latest is “7 Billion People: Everbody Relax.”

While I was checking that out, I came across a few others by the same group:

Each of these is a minute or two long, and has links to the research. They make the information easily accessible. For example, they show that typical causes of food poverty (starving from lack of food) include poverty, war, natural disasters, over-exploitation of natural resources, and poor infrastructure. But overpopulation is not a cause. Lowering population because of fear there won’t be enough food will not solve any of the lack-of-food causes.   

Take the few minutes needed to watch and learn. It will ease some fears and help you welcome that next newborn with even more joy.

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