Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Returning and Reporting

I’m back home and beginning to regain contact with the online world. 

During last week’s conference I was able to attend a couple of lectures on Israel—the history and the current situation. I’m hoping that will enhance what I had already been planning to write. 

Next up is about the miraculous 1967 War. I’ll be working on that today, and hopefully post that piece tomorrow, which will be Part V in this series on Israel. Thank you for your patience during the week-long break. 

I had intended this series far ahead of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” event in Israel. I heard on the radio this morning that today is the day he is speaking there (available if you subscribe to I haven’t closely followed his plans, but in general I’m glad he is standing to support Israel and bringing attention to that little nation. Those efforts seem in line with my purposes in writing this series. 

Additionally, at the conference I attended, I heard many things related to philosophy and civilization. I can’t reproduce my notes here, but I’m hoping some of what I learned will fill out in my writing in days to come.

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