Friday, March 18, 2011

A Little Citizen Lobbying

Today I had a little adventure in taking action that I hope was a good use of time and energy in the struggle for our freedoms. I’ve been attending my local Tea Party meetings since last summer, and got the assignment to follow state legislation and arrange for visits with local representatives’ offices. It may be, in the long run, a small thing, but we have been making monthly visits to these legislators’ offices, meeting with their staff. (The representatives are currently at the state capitol because the legislature is in session.)
Instead of taking grievances, our purpose has been to take a list of issues and legislation that we’re following, thanking the representative (when appropriate) for supporting the legislation, and generally letting them know our group is out here, sharing conservative opinions and trying to find ways to make good things happen. So far the staff we’ve met have been very welcoming and agreeable. (In our area, the representatives range from pretty conservative to thoroughly conservative, so this isn’t surprising.) Word was the one we visited today was at the less committed end of conservative, but from her staffer’s point of view, she is conservative and agreed with us on all the issues we brought. Even if that wasn’t true before we came, having them say it (apparently while believing it) is likely to have some effect. I hope so.

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