Monday, March 14, 2011

Leaders vs. Power Mongers Part III

This is the final segment of our “Leaders vs. Power Mongers” discussion. We know the definition between the two. We know which we find ourselves dealing with in the US at this time. Today I’m going to quote a chunk of the Kurtz’s conclusion, because it explains why this matters. And then we need to think about, OK, now what do we do?

Kurtz: To say that Obama has lied about his past doesn’t quite do justice to what’s been going on, however. Never mind a discreet lie or two (or more). We’re looking at a thoroughgoing pattern of deception. While Obama’s stealthy practices certainly include lies, the president’s portrayal of his past ultimately adds up to something larger and more disturbing than lies alone. By hiding his core political convictions, the president has systematically deceived the America people.

…Obama has made concerted efforts to hide his socialist convictions from the voters who put him in office. Had the American public known the truth, Obama would never have risen to the U.S. Senate, much less the presidency. That sort of systematic deception corrodes democracy itself.
Obama’s pursuit of an expensive universal health-care plan in the teeth of majority public opposition has already kicked off a national debate over the president’s alleged socialism. Yet after one learns how community organizing actually works, as well as what contemporary socialism has become, the socialist character of the Obama administration becomes far clearer still.

It could be argued that Obama’s past no longer matters. After all, now we can judge Obama by what his administration does, rather than by whatever he did or did not believe in the past. I argue that the truth is the opposite. When it comes to Obama, the past, in a sense, matters more than the present. Only the president’s socialist past reveals the full meaning of his plans for our future. The president himself won’t honestly tell you his ultimate intentions. Judging Obama strictly on his conduct in office assumes a degree of ideological transparency that simply does not exist in this case.

We’ve seen that the favorite strategies of community organizers are designed to push the country into socialism well before the public can figure out what’s happened. Stealth-socialist community organizers habitually disguise their long-term goals. That is why we must turn to Obama’s past to discover the hidden ideological underpinnings of his policies.

Eight years is a long time. While a strong Democratic majority in Congress has emboldened Obama from the start, we’re still in the early stages of the president’s long-term program of change. Since Obama has not revealed the truth about where this change is headed, his past remains an essential source of guidance for the American people.

In sum, the fears of Obama’s harshest critics are justified. The president of the United States is a socialist” (pp. 389-390).

By definition, then, we know that Obama is a power monger, aiming away from the freedom zone and toward tyranny. We must assume, for our safety, that Obama has designs to subvert our constitutional liberties by incrementally converting our free enterprise system to a centrally controlled economy with elites making our most basic and private decisions. Now that we know this, we’re in a better position to thwart those efforts than we could be in ignorance. But it’s not going to be an easy fight.

The takeover of 1/6 of the US economy through the ever more unpopular Obamacare is an example of what we’re up against. Days after passage last March, Obama sneered at those of us (the majority of US citizens) vowing to repeal it. “Bring it on!” he challenged. “I welcome that fight. Because I don’t believe the American people are going to put the insurance industry back in the driver’s seat.” Hmm. So he’s framed the debate as either/or: evil health insurance corporations out for money, or the caring Obama administration—who will the people choose? But the choice is false. Free enterprise hasn’t been able to solve the problems because government has interfered with the market at every step. Government interference causes ever more problems that government then offers to solve. We know this. But Obama is certain he can manipulate the demanding needy through demagoguery. It’s what an “organizer” does; he’s practiced and confident in his skills.

We need a way to fight the stealth socialist strategy (the secret combinations). Again, I’m not a strategist, but I suggest we have to be clearer with our message. We have to reveal who Obama is, along with his fellow power mongers, and pre-empt the message: “They’re going to tell you [scare message of whatever issue]. Because they want you scared, so you’ll surrender your God-given freedoms to them. Don’t let them fool you.” Predict their outrageous claims, point out how they violate constitutional principles. Take away their power to influence, and then offer constitutional, free-market alternatives.

Oh, and by the way, we have to get the message out without the help (distortion) of traditional news media. (Cue Mission Impossible theme song.) This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

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